Moving beyond “this is a project” to “this is a business”

The past few months have been a challenge but also a lot of fun. We have met with some cool people, are having a blast building a product, made a couple direct (… and not so direct) competitors notice, and are learning more than we ever expected. But it is a huge learning curve for a small team of people who have never built a consumer product for the masses. Having said that …

We’re not going to get it right in the beginning. But with your help, we will over time. Now begins our journey of growing up and turning BeerGivr into a real business.


From Us to You. This blog.

  1. This blog will not be a marketing shout out for BeerGivr*. Never want to be a “look at me! look at me!” blog. Hate those. If we ever do make a blog post that is disgustingly self indulgent, please call us out so we can give you free drinks. Seriously.
  2. Expect posts about lessons learned, drinking binges leading to jail time, random thoughts, and a plug or two for other startups we like or have helped us.
  3. Everyone who works on BeerGivr will have free reign to talk about anything they wish. We each have different perspectives and ideas. Subscribe to their posts or just follow this main “front page” category.

Random Internet user (yes you!), help us!

  1. We can only get better when you talk to us. Hate the post about drunk leprechaun chasing zombies? Well thats a shame. But comment so we know!
  2. If you have an idea, a partnership we could pursue, or an experience that needs to be shared, we want to hear it! Good, bad, and illegal.
  3. We are nothing without you. Whether that is you following us on a social media site, pointing out to us where we could improve, or telling businesses/friends/co-workers about BeerGivr. Every non-zero number (BeerGivr transactions, Facebook “Likes”, Twitter Follows, etc) is encouragement for us to continue grinding forward.


Well that’s about it. The team is moving forward and we hope you’ll be there for the fun!


* Only exception to no “marketing shoutout” will be major product enhancements. Sometimes a Tweet or Facebook post just isn’t enough.

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