BeerGivr and Twitter learn to play together!

BeerGivr users can now use Twitter to send gifts!

It’s been a long overhaul of the entire BeerGivr system. Complete rewrite! There may have been some tears, curse words, and sacrifices to some less than reputable deities … but we are truly excited to announce our first social media integration!


This integration offers some important features:


One click login (after you authorize us)

One click login Twitter account


Account Management
  1. View “used” and “unused” gifts
  2. Easily switch between sending gifts via phone or Twitter
  3. Link a phone number to the Twitter account and have access to all of your gifts


View past and unused gifts, send drinks over twitter/phone, and link your phone to a Twitter account


Resend Gifts to Your Phone


Lost gifts can be resent to your phone


Send a Gift via Twitter
  1. Enter a friend’s Twitter screen name
  2. Browse the people you follow and select them by image
  3. Browse the people who follow you and select them by image

Use your Twitter account to send a gift to a friend


An automatic Tweet tells everyone you’re an awesome friend


BeerGivr Tweet for a Drink


Did we mention yet that everything is mobile friendly?


BeerGivr Mobile HomepageBeerGivr Mobile Twitter Sign-inMobile Friendly account page to send BeerGivr giftsUsing Twitter you can send a gift


Does a Twitter friend owe you a drink? Tell them to pay up!

Tweet “Owe me a drink? Time to pay up!”